Sustainable Living Events for Employees

Sustainable Living Events are unique, cross-organizational experiences that drive employee engagement and foster a culture of sustainability while creating valuable storytelling assets for recruiting with purpose.

 It’s Critical to Showcase Your Purpose Beyond Profits and Commitment to Putting Employees First

Win the War for Talent While Creating a Culture of Sustainability

Almost nine in ten (87 percent) Millennials believe that “the success of a business should be measured in terms of more than just its financial performance.”

Millennials believe businesses are behaving in an increasingly responsible manner yet the majorities (54 percent) believe businesses around the world have “no ambition beyond making money.”

Those likely to remain longest share their organization’s values, and are more satisfied with its sense of purpose and support of professional development.

Personal values and morals have the greatest influence on Millennials’ decision making.

Millennials believe that putting employees first is the number one most important value a business should follow if it is to have long-term success.

 Source: The 2016 Deloitte Millennial Survey

Is Your Purpose Beyond Profits Integrated into Talent Retention and Attraction?

Help your employees find meaning in their work as they help you change the world by presenting a series of Sustainable Living Events throughout the year. Engage with your employees around purpose and share videos and testimonials to bring your purpose to life and attract valuable talent.

Sustainability is rapidly becoming an integral part of everyday business and a fundamental part of corporate missions. Companies around the globe are demonstrating environmental and social responsibility through employee engagement and practices which, in turn, attract and help retain great employees, customers and profits. This goes beyond “green” to include community investment programs, volunteerism and helping to sustain our planet, people and resources.

Junklugger's Tom Kinzer mission

The Junklugger’s Tom Kinzer explaining their mission to Sustainable Living Expo guests.

We Provide Management and HR with Cost-Effective Experiences

Educating and engaging with corporate employees about sustainability can prove to be a challenge for any management or human resources team. We work with C-Suite Executives, Sustainability Managers and Directors, and Human Resource Managers and Directors at major corporations to customize each Sustainable Living Event to align with your sustainability initiatives and conform to employees’ tastes and lifestyles.

Our events expand your capacity, build momentum, support employees and help you reach reporting CSR and employee engagement goals.  Best of all, each event is fun, affordable, easy and engaging.

About Sustainable Living Events

Our themed Sustainable Living Events are carefully crafted to showcase best-in-class products and services from local businesses dedicated to creating a self-sustaining future along with select nonprofits with proven track records of success. We organize, curate and present events during hours convenient to your business and work with staff to maximize attendance and cost effectiveness. Conveniently held on site, Sustainable Living Events  are a high-impact way to foster learning and conversation, inspire change, and cultivate a culture of sustainability. We look forward to collaborating with your Green Team to help them flourish.

Best Bees beekeeping servicesEvents Themed Around Employees’ Personal Needs that Align with Their Values

We offer a wide variety of themed Sustainable Living events that can be customized to suit your needs. Employees go on meaningful learning journeys with Sustainne business members and nonprofit Community Partners as they visit exhibitors, watch demonstrations, and explore sustainable solutions to everyday living. Themed events include food and farms; home, yard and garden; zero waste and zero emissions living; fashion and art; and personal care.

Our Signature Holiday 2018 Event: Local-Sustainable Marketplace

Your employees will love the excitement and convenience of purchasing locally with purpose this holiday season. We curate 12-18 local vendors providing unique and sustainable products and services at a variety of price points. From non-toxic skin care and makeup to sustainable fashion, food and art, employees will find compelling gifts they can feel good about giving because they align with their values.

2018 Holiday Marketplace

Lunch Break Events

Sustainne is pleased to offer lunchtime events from 11:30-1:00 or 12 noon-1:30 to align with Tork’s May 2018 “Take Back the Lunch Break” survey results. “Results from our research show the importance of taking a real lunch break – getting fresh air, exercising or picking up a lunch that will fuel you for the rest of the day. This simple act of taking a full lunch break can improve how employees feel about their work and their company. The study reveals something managers and companies can start doing tomorrow to make a positive impact on employee engagement.” Source: Tork’s press room.

Storytelling for Talent Attraction – Concrete Proof of Your Shared Values and Commitment to Putting Employees First

Our video production partner is a seasoned professional experienced in sustainability storytelling with our business members and nonprofit Community Partners. Video assets featuring your employees engaging around shared values and corporate purpose are designed for easy integration into the recruitment process.

Contact Us to Learn More

We’re excited to explore Sustainable Living Events that are just right for your unique corporate culture and employee engagement goals. We look forward to discussing your needs and providing programs that deliver on what matters to you.

Please contact us today to discuss your needs for this coming holiday season and the New Year.

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