The Extra “ne” Stands for “New Economy”

Sustainne  /səˈstān/  – The dictionary defines “Sustain” like this: “Strengthen or support physically or mentally, to uphold, to cause or allow something to continue for a long period of time.”

Our mission is to unite, nurture, and grow a community dedicated to sustainable living.  To help sustain a prosperous New Economy that uses natural capital* to support human needs and regenerate natural resources for the future.

Rooted in Sustainability

We are fulfilling our mission by uniting, nurturing and growing a community dedicated to sustainable living. Sustainne connects consumers who value sustainability with businesses that stand out in their efforts to be socially and environmentally responsible. We network our business members with one another to strengthen and grow their ecosystem through collaboration and innovation. Our learning programs teach businesses sustainability practices that benefit profits, the people in our communities, and our planet. We recognize the vital role our Community Partners play in advancing sustainability, and are committed to deepening their social impact through regular interaction with the Sustainne community.

Replacing Planned Obsolescence

Our generation grew up in the era of “planned obsolescence,” a marketing concept that provided manufacturers an opportunity to sell consumers a new and improved gadget every few years. Current generations now suffer the devastating and unintended consequence of this disposable economy as they deal with air and water pollution, declining public health, and the growing realization that the earth’s natural resources are not finite or truly “free” for the taking.

Putting People First

We also grew up in an economy that provided stable jobs to a decent percentage of the workforce; this too has changed. Now the only choice for many Americans is employment in the “gig” economy, with few benefits and no safety net.  The three pillars of the Sustainne platform are People, Planet and Prosperity.  We put People first because we believe that businesses should provide living wages and fair treatment to their employees, and we aim to help consumers find and support businesses that share those values.


*Natural Capital – human and natural resources