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Invest for the Future and the Future Environment

Envest Asset Management provides in-person and virtual financial planning and investment management services with a specialty in Socially Responsible and Sustainable Investing. We are independent, fiduciary, fee-only, client obsessive and focused on environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) investing and socially responsible investing (“SRI”) for our clients.

Read “Sustainable Indexing for ETFs” on our blog, an article we originally wrote for Investopedia.

It’s About the Client. It’s About the Environment

We bring together the client’s financial and investment plan and the client’s sustainability and social goals. The decisions we make are always in the best interest of our clients. In other words, we are a fiduciary. When working with clients our objective is to:

  • Map financial and sustainability goals
  • Provide education on the markets and sustainability
  • Create a diversified portfolio of ESG/SRI investments for goal-based results
  • Increase awareness to the broader public about investing, sustainability, and ESG/SRI
  • Increase shareholder advocacy and voting to benefit the shareholders and the environment

An Entire Career in ESG/SRI

Envest Asset Management is all things ESG/SRI. We are ESG/SRI focused. What does that mean to clients? This means we take into consideration your financial, investment, AND sustainability goals to create a plan just for you. Here are some of our focus areas:

  • Financial planning with ESG/SRI implementation
  • Diversified ESG/SRI investment portfolios
  • Federal, state, or community focused investing
  • Alternative investments, including direct investing in ESG/SRI opportunities
  • Increased awareness of sustainability practices
  • Renewable energy optimization
  • Carbon Dioxide (“Carbon”) and other Green House Gas (“GHG”) reduction

Envest Asset Management’s goal is for its clients to Invest for the Future and the Future Environment.

Update – May 7, 2019 – Envest Asset Management, LLC Launches Initiative to Lower Clients’ Carbon Footprint

REC Offset ProgramEnvest Asset Management, LLC presents its Renewable Energy Certificate Offset Program (REC Offset Program) – using U.S.-based renewable energy resources to lower our clients’ carbon footprint.

Through our sustainability-focused financial advisory and planning services, our company and clients fight global warming. With the REC Offset Program we added another dimension to fight global warming by supporting the renewable energy industry.

How it works:

  1. Renewable Energy resources (like wind and solar) produce a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC)
  2. We buy RECs from those renewable resources
  3. We match clients’ fossil fuel power with our RECs to offset that power
  4. Carbon footprint gets reduced

Learn more about our REC Offset Program at www.envestam.com/recs or by clicking our video above.

Update – Sep 3, 2018 – Envest Asset Management, LLC Adds Blog & Events to Website

Envest Asset Management, LLC (“EAM”) is excited to announce the addition of a Blog & Events section to our website. The blog provides original content focused on financial planning, investments and sustainable investing, i.e. financial planning and investing based on your financial goals and personal values/ethics.

Read “Sustainable Indexing for ETFs” on our blog, an article we originally wrote for Investopedia.

The events section is a compilation of impact/social/sustainability events throughout Connecticut and NYC. We will be announcing updates to these types of events regularly.

EAM Blog & Events


Mr. Osborn has dedicated his entire career to industries that advance environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) issues and socially responsible investing (“SRI”). After working for institutions as an environmental engineer, an investment banker in social infrastructure, a clean energy project lender, and, most recently, a clean energy investor in the private equity space, he started Envest Asset Management, LLC (“EAM”). As a grassroots effort to increase ESG practices, EAM brings SRI and ESG investing to individuals, families, businesses, and non-profits.

Mr. Osborn provides a unique perspective to the financial advisor and investment management industry. He was a Director and a founding employee of two clean energy focused private equity funds having invested in over 30 unique clean energy projects over an eight year period. The amount of carbon dioxide displaced by these projects is equivalent to a forest the size of Connecticut or over 600,000 cars taken off the road. In this role, he originated and executed new investment opportunities. Not only did he make innumerable contacts from this role, but he also performed considerable analysis when reviewing an investment opportunity. He instituted a deep-dive into the financial health of the opportunity to determine its long-term value. Once a company was purchased, he was instrumental in the on-boarding and on-going management process. He often directed or helped form the company under state and federal regulations and budget for operating performance and profit and losses. He also worked on investment optimization by finding new sales, reducing expenses, or taking advantage of various capital sources. He was an acting secretary on three boards on behalf of the funds’ investments.

Prior to joining the fund, he worked as an investment banker focused on the clean energy sector. He executed hundreds of millions in investments, via debt instruments, into companies that made significant improvements to the environment and community: reducing carbon dioxide (“CO2”) and other greenhouse gases (“GHG”), increasing the use of renewable power/energy to corporations, municipalities and broader public, and creating long-term jobs including those based in Connecticut.

Mr. Osborn begin his finance career as an investment banker with UBS Securities. As part of the municipal securities division, he was a member of a team that raised over $1 billion in bonds for social infrastructure. This was for the benefit of state and local governments, educational institutions, transportation agencies, or other municipal departments. This was accomplished by using tax-exempt and taxable bonds.

His career started as an environmental engineering consultant. He designed water treatment systems, upgraded wastewater treatment plants, reduced storm water runoff, among others. These designs enhanced the environment and communities.

Outside of work he is on two non-profit boards. As a Board Member for the Ridgefield Education Foundation (“REF”) in Ridgefield, CT, he is engaged in organizational planning and records as well as general board related matters that advance education for the Ridgefield Public School system. As a Board Member for and the Woodcock Nature Center (“WNC”) in Wilton, CT, he is engaged in organizational planning for events that promote environmental conservation throughout the community. He is actively chasing his two kids, engaged in endurance sports, and often found running the streets throughout Wilton and Ridgefield. He also drives a hybrid vehicle.


MBA, Simon Business School, University of Rochester

BSE, Chemical Engineering, Villanova University

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