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Custom Meats is a traditional whole animal butcher shop in Fairfield, CT serving locally-sourced, grass-fed and pastured meats. We work intimately with small farms who raise their animals sustainably, the way nature intended. We work with small, local farms, most of which are located within 75 miles of our store. All are organic-principled farms that emphasize the ethical treatment of their animals with the right to roam and forage healthy, non-GMO feed. Sport Hill Farm in Easton is one of our valued providers of Heritage Pork, and Simpaug Farm is a provider of grass fed beef.

Place Your Heritage Turkey Orders Today!

We are taking Thanksgiving orders for Heritage Breed-Spanish Black-Turkeys again this year! Please place your order now because they sell out quickly. Stop in the shop or call to reserve yours and tell them Sustainne sent you!

Tim Frosina Wins “The Butcher” Competition

Tim was a contestant on the season finale episode of “The Butcher”, a reality TV competition on The History Channel. The show featured four butchers from around the country, challenged them with three tasks and, through single-elimination, determined a final winner rewarded with a $10,000 prize. The entire Custom Meats team couldn’t be more proud that Tim was crowned the winner!

heritage turkey

Whole Animal Butchery

Whole animal butchery is far more sustainable than commercial farming practices in that it allows the farmers to focus on their passion while we focus on ours – providing the highest possible quality meats while also benefiting our environment and impacting our food system. As whole animal butcher shop, we use the whole animal and aim for zero waste. That means we introduce our customers to cuts of meat that are less familiar, and oftentimes more budget friendly. Utilize the entire animal – everything from oxtail to beef shank and offal – benefits everyone.

We serve both pasture-raised and 100% grass-fed beef, pork, lamb, chickens, seasonal greens, charcuterie, farm fresh eggs, and raw milk, as well as a variety of house-made products such as sausage, roast beef, pulled pork, chicken salad, sandwiches, bacon, and dog treats. We also dry-age our beef on site between 29 and 120 days, depending on how you like it.

Whole Animal Butcher Classes

Ever want to know where a tenderloin or hanger steak is located on the cow?  Find out by signing up for one of Custom Meats’ butchery classes and enjoy a fun and educational evening!  Our classically-trained butchers will demonstrate how to break down a cow, pig or lamb while discussing each cut, how it is differentiated, and how best to prepare it at home. Classes are perfect for those looking to broaden their knowledge of a particular animal or simply as an overview of the basics.

Class size is limited to 10 people and can be attended either individually or as a group.
Duration typically runs 1.5-2 hours.
Tickets are $125 each.

Please call with any questions and our staff can further explain what you can expect.