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Action Waste Solutions is a local, family-owned sustainable waste solutions company specializing in 6-20 yard Roll Off Dumpster Rentals, Food Scrap Recycling, and Trash & Recycling Pickup in Fairfield, CT. We serve construction sites, homeowners, and businesses throughout Fairfield County and parts of New Haven County. 

Sustainability is important to us.

We strive to provide all our sustainable waste solutions services at a low cost – not only to you but to the environment as well. Our environmentally responsible approach to waste disposal is successfully keeping 70% of the material we collect out of the landfill. We commit to always be working toward a more sustainable future.

We are excited to announce the launch of our Food Scrap Recycling Program! 

The EPA estimates that more food reaches landfills and incinerators than any other single material, with food and organics making up 30% of our waste stream. When we throw food in the trash, we’re throwing away much more than food. Wasted food wastes the water, energy, labor, land, and fertilizers used to grow that food initially. If not handled carefully, these leftovers can add billions of tons of greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere. Reducing food waste is one of the most impactful ways that average consumers can help fight climate change.

How our Food Scrap Recycling Program Works

We’ll supply you with a 5-gallon bucket, compostable liner, and airtight lid. Each week we’ll collect your compostable food waste right from your doorstep and leave you a clean, freshly lined bucket with every pickup.

When you choose to recycle food waste, you divert food scraps from being wasted and turn them into something useful for our community and environment instead. We’ll collect your food scraps and transfer them to one of our local community partners, who then turn it into nutrient-rich compost.

As a member, you can have finished compost that you helped create delivered back to you, twice annually.

We make the process of composting easy, so you can take pride knowing you’re doing the right thing for your family, community, and planet!

Action Compost Collection is now available to Homes and Businesses in Black Rock, Fairfield, Easton, Westport, Weston and coming soon… our expansion to Norwalk, CT. You can join online or pre-register here. Enter the coupon code: SUSTAINNE and we’ll waive the $25 set-up fee PLUS give you the first month FREE ($57 total savings) 

When you choose us, you can take pride knowing you’re making a positive impact on your community and planet!

​Visit our website www.actioncontainerservice.com  or give us a call today! 203-254-2050

Q Is there a fee for food scrap recycling?

Yes. We offer Weekly residential pickup $32/month or Biweekly pickup $20/month

Q Is there an additional fee to receive finished compost?

No! Members of 3 months or more receive a 20 qt bag of finished compost delivered twice annually included in their membership

Q What happens if I do not wish to receive finished compost?

No problem! We will donate the finished compost on your behalf. Donations are made to local schools or community gardens.

Q What can be composted?

We accept any and ALL food scraps!


Fruits, Vegetables, Produce, Deli Products
Meats, Bones, Fish, Seafood, Shellfish
Cereals, Breads, Nuts, Grains
Coffee Grounds, Coffee Filters,
Tea Bags (no staples please)
Egg Shells, Dairy, Yogurt (no excessive liquid please)
Cut Flowers, Plant Trimmings
Food Soiled Napkins, Paper Towels

Q What can not be composted?

Please do not include;

Rubber Bands, Twist Ties, Food Stickers, Food Tags
K Cups, Paper Plates, Magazines, News Paper
Compostable Utensils, Cutlery, Plates, Cups
Pet Food, Pet Waste
Compostable Bags, Plastics, Styrofoam,
Packaging Material
Cardboard, Waxed Cardboard, Foil, Glass, Metal

Excessive Oils, Fats

Q Do you offer coupons?

When signing up for Compost Collection use the code: SUSTAINNE and we'll waive the $25 setup fee.
For Dumpster Rentals: mention our listing on Sustainne for $10 off any size dumpster rental (12yd special excluded)

Q What type of materials do you accept in dumpsters?

We accept a wide variety of materials for recycling and disposal including: demolition debris, household items, and roofing debris. We even offer discounts for 100% recyclable materials such as concrete, and landscape materials

Q Are there restrictions on what I can put the dumpster?

Yes, we do not accept anything to be considered HAZARDOUS WASTE


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