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Planting For Continuous Bloom: Webinar
27 Apr

Planting For Continuous Bloom: Webinar

Hosted by: Bartlett Arboretum & Gardens

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“If you grow it, they will come!” The loss of habitat is causing insect populations (and the birds that feed on them) to crash. We depend on native bees and other creatures to pollinate our flowers and crops. Creating a diverse and pesticide-free habitat in our own yards means we are supporting the very creatures we cannot live without . . .not to mention, providing a source of beauty and joy for ourselves. This free webinar provides direction and ideas which will bring many seasons of enjoyment for you, and the pollinators, too. You’ll learn to plant for a continuous season of bloom in your yard, with abundant blossoms for pollinators – and you! – to enjoy. This talk will be led by Alice Ely, UConn Advanced Master Gardener & UConn Master Composter. She is the Gardens Chair at Wakeman Town Farm in Westport, CT. Alice also spreads the word about pollinator pathways and teaches homeowners how to garden through her garden coaching business, Gardenwithalice.com. When she’s not in someone else’s garden, you’ll find her in her own, raising lots of milkweed and Monarch butterflies.

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