We are so proud of the work our Community Partners do that we’ve made promoting their missions integral to our strategy of growing a large, diverse, and engaged Sustainne community.

Our Community Partners are nonprofit organizations based in CT dedicated to creating a more green and socially conscious Connecticut. Our blog posts, newsletters and social media posts will serve to inform and engage the Sustainne community around their missions, initiatives, programs and events.

Meet our Community Partners!



The Connecticut Food Association is dedicated to promoting the growth of Connecticut’s retail grocery community and its supplier network. Their endeavors have included and will continue to embrace issues affecting food safety, workers’ compensation, business taxation and environmental stewardship and food policy.


The Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County believes that a lively and diverse cultural environment benefits our communities by creating great places to live, deepening our relationships with each other and stimulating the economy.


CT NOFA, the Northeast Organic Farming Association of  Connecticut and NOFA Organic Land Care Program (OLC) have been cultivating an organic Connecticut since 1982.